Lebanese Women's Rights

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7 January 2009

I picked this topic because it excited and stimulated me to believe that we are now accepting Lebanese Women to be equally adversarial with men and to attain their rights for better living. The audiences shown are all Lebanese Women to be spoken for that have given up their social, economical, and political being to degradation, failure, and fugitivity.


Thesis: Lebanese women nowadays enjoy equal civil, social, and economical rights and attend institutions of higher education in large numbers, thanks to Arab societies/Islamic religion that provided for her.

I. Rights for Lebanese Women

A. Economic Rights and equal opportunity

B. Political Rights and Civic Voice

C. Social and Cultural Rights

II. Recommendations for preserving women’s rights and continuity in Lebanese civilization

III. Other Rights for Women Worldwide(Particularly USA)

The family in Lebanon, as elsewhere in the region, assigns different roles to family members on the basis of gender. The superior status of men in society and within the narrow confines of the nuclear family transcends the barriers of sect or ethnicity. Lebanese family structure is patriarchal. The centrality of the father figure stems from the role of the family as an economic unit, in which the father is the property owner and producer on whom the rest of the family depend. This notion prevails even in rural regions of Lebanon where women participate in peasant work. Although the inferior status of women is undoubtedly legitimized by various religious texts, the oppression of women in Arab society preceded the advent of Islam. The roles of women have traditionally been restricted to those of mother and homemaker. However, since the...
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