Leaving Las Vegas Movie Essay

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage, Leaving Las Vegas Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Leaving Las Vegas is a film about a relationship between Ben (an alcoholic) and Sera (a prostitute) from Las Vegas. Ben is a depressed alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter who has lost everything and almost everyone due to his drinking. Ben loses his job in L.A. and burns everything he has and throws away all his personal belongings and everything that relates to his life in L.A. and decides to commit suicide by alcohol consumption in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas he meets Sera, prostitute. From the moment Ben and Sera connect, they form a unique bond and mutual respect that will change each of them forever. In the process they create an odd relationship with each other. Their relationship, however, is difficult and bound to fail; Sera has to promise Ben that she will never ask him to stop drinking, and Ben is not allowed to criticize Sera's occupation. At first the two are stable. Ben says that he is "totally at ease with this." (Sera’s prostitution). After spending some time together, they both become more and more frustrated with the other's behavior. After a while, Sera tries to get Ben to eat more healthily, but sadly Ben refuses and drinks more alcohol. Sera becomes so fed up with Ben's alcoholism that she begs him to go see a doctor. Ben gets furious and copes with his problems by drinking more and brining home another prostitute. By this time Ben is probably experiencing brain damage because of increasingly incoherent speech patterns. After Sera kicks Ben out she goes out looking for him, she then gets a phone call from Ben. She arrives at Ben’s place and see’s him lying on his death bed about to die, waking up later on realizing that Ben is dead.

This movie really shows the way Ben deals with his problems and shows that his coping skills aren’t the best. He obviously states that he lost his wife and child due to drinking and that nobody in the world could make him stop, and that he would not stop drinking for anyone. He showed that he had no reason to live...
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