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Ladies and gentlemen, today I am here to share with you my views on leaving home. Leaving home is a big step. If you are thinking about leaving home, don't go without a plan, STOP and THINK about what your options are, if you do decide to leave, it should be to live somewhere safer like with friends, relatives, alone, or a youth refuge. Living Away from Home

You may start living away from home for a number of reasons, whether it is so that you can be independent or whether you had a problem with your parents or even just staying in a youth hostel. You will start off with a clean slate. To keep it this way see relevant chapter. You might have to become quite flexible in your routine if you want to take the opportunities of going out. Also, you might have to wait your turn to use the kitchen when there are too many people, or have to compromise your favourite TV program now and then when people want to watch something on the other side if there is only one TV. Your routine might be quite complicated and hard to manage if you are doing a course or a stressful job, in which case it can be extremely useful to plan each week in advance which may take about 20 minutes each Sunday night but will save you much more time in the long term. All teenagers hope eventually leave home. For most, this separation comes at a predictable and ritualized period of their lives, such as the start of college or the beginning of a marriage. For others, especially young teenagers, moving out of their home can be an attempt to protect themselves. It's common for adolescents to look for ways to explore who they are and to see how they fit into the world. The timing may reflect biological changes in their brains, for they can now think differently than they did only a year or two earlier. They can readily imagine new solutions to problems or different approaches to challenging situations. Their world is no longer black-and-white, but a complex mosaic of grays. An explosion in the...
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