Leave Management System

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Leave Management System

Table of Contents

1.3Acceptance Criteria6
2Overview of Business Problem6
3Traceability Matrix7
4Requirement Specification7
4.1Functional Requirements7
4.1.1<Requirement Name>7
4.1.2<Requirement Name>8
4.1.3<Requirement Name>9
4.2Non Functional Requirements10
5.2Design Considerations11
5.3External Interface documents11
5.4Process Maps11

1 Introduction

This document entails about the functionalities associated with the leave management system in the organization whereby the employee’s leaves are tracked with the help of proper information management, which will help to monitor the related HRM activities in the organization. 1.1 Basic Requirement Summary

ValueMomentum aims to have the effective web portal where employees can directly login themselves, and can apply for the leaves viz. personal, medical, casual, emergency etc. Currently, Organization does not have the proper tool where the leaves can be addressed and approved by the higher designatory authority. As of now, employee fill the leave forms with all the particulars mentioned in it and get it signed by the immediate reporting officer or mail him to make him inform about the planned leaves. Employee generally waits for the approval and whole cycle disturbs if in case immediate reporting officer itself is on leaves. The objective of the said web portal is provide access to all the employees and they will be given separate password for it, by the time employee login into the system and apply for leaves, a mail is received by the employee confirming that his/her leave is under consideration. Moreover, it will be accessible from anywhere so that employee business management/HR team can manage the employee leave...
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