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Topics: President, Leave, Employment compensation Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: April 23, 2015
1. Every employee who has rendered at least one (1) year of service is entitled to Service Incentive Leave of 15 days that must be consumed from January to December. 2. Sick Leave
a. No sick leave should be approved without certification from a credible physician b. In case the employee is unable to inform the management personally, he/she could send a message or ask someone to notify the HR Staff/HR Director on the first day of illness or injury. 3. Emergency Leave

a. An employee is granted emergency leave when he/she is beset with unforeseen incidents like serious damage of residence caused by fire, earthquake, typhoon or an account of serious illness requiring hospitalization or death of an immediate family member. b. The employee has to present a proof of damage, hospitalization, death and the like before the emergency leave is granted. 4. Incentive/Vacation Leave

a. The Incentive/Vacation Leave affords the employee a “rest period” during which they recharge and acquire a new vitality to enable them to efficiently perform their duties. b. No five (5) straight days incentive leave shall be approved. It should be on staggered basis. c. Application for Incentive/Vacation Leave should be filed at least two (2) working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) before the actual leave. d. The incentive leave will not be used to offset any absences made by the employee 5. Leave applications shall pass through proper channels as follows: a. EVP is authorized to appraise/approve leaves of 1-15 days b. Leaves of 16-30 days require the recommendations of the EVP and the approval of the College President c. Application for leave of more than 30 days must be recommended by the President and approved by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 6. Leaves of 30 days or more require clearance duly accomplished. 7. The employee who does not report for duty and did not file an application for leave shall be considered AWOL...
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