Leatty Shanghai: A Construction Project

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Case Study Report Assessment – Background Case Study

Leatty Shanghai: A Construction Project

There is a building boom in residential, commercial and institutional buildings all over China. The country is currently using 54 per cent of the world’s production of concrete and 36 per cent of its supply of steel. Predictions suggest that this building boom will continue for at least the next 20 years.

Leatty, a major property developer, has already been involved in several projects in China. The company’s latest project, in Shanghai, aims to create a new generation of buildings based on low energy consumption, comfort and environmental protection using the most advanced technologies in the world. The project includes a three-phase housing development, as well as a shopping and leisure centre. The team is multinational, with the developer based in Canada, the architects in Germany and the multinational team of structural engineers and contractors in Shanghai.

The completion of the first phase was due 12 months after the start date. The team are now nine months into the work, and conservative estimates suggest that the project is 16 per cent over budget and two months behind schedule. A new project manager has been called in to rescue the troubled project.

Construction Phase One Milestones
Demolition and site- preparation start date
Nov 1
Building excavation start date
Dec 15
Foundations completion
Feb 9
Underground parking complete
Phase 1 external steel structure complete

The World Clock Meeting Planner:
Mon 12:00
Mon 18:00
Tuesday 00:00
Mon 15:00
Mon 21:00
Tue 3:00

The following information has been collected by the company to try and detect the major causes of the delay that the Leatty Shanghai building project is currently facing:

Summary of Findings

Initial work was delayed by design reviews on the part of...
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