Least Favourite Character

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My Least Favourite Character

My least favourite character in the novel ‘Stargirl’ is Hilary. I don’t particularly have a strong distaste for her. I simply think that throughout the story there were many opportunities for Hilary to become more open-minded and to mature, but whenever these opportunities came, she would bluntly reject them. She let her pride and fear of the unknown interfere with her life, and due to this she ended up hurting those who were around her, including herself.

An example where this was shown is on pages 65 through 67. This was the scene where Stargirl was put on an in-school TV show that Leo Borlock and his friend Kevin had created called Hot Seat. Hot Seat interviewed students from the school, asking them fun, but appropriate questions. When Stargirl was put on it, things started off smoothly until some of the students in the school jury began asking rude questions and making inappropriate statements. Hilary was a part of this group of people, and personally, I believe the comments she made and the questions she had asked were the most deprecating and effectual. I think that as she began asking questions an artificial surge of power flooded through her making her feel superior to Stargirl and causing her to say even more hurtful words.

In that scene, Hilary had the perfect opportunity to mature. The perfect opportunity to show true superiority, and stand up to the rest of the jury —to stand up for Stargirl. However, rather than doing this, she joined in, saying things to Stargirl that were worse than what the others were saying beforehand. In the end of the story, the students in the school began to esteem Stargirl and appreciate her for who she was and I believe this was the time where Hilary could have wiped away her mistakes and accepted Stargirl too, but she didn’t. Instead, she refused to change her views and she was left alone, with no one standing with her. This is why, although I don’t hate her, Hilary is...
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