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Leasing Versus Buying Used

Is it better to lease or buy a used car that’s the real question? I’ve never personally experienced leasing a car but I have bought many used cars in the past. Leasing seems to be the better choice in terms of price, quality, and style options.

First of all, leasing a car is a little more pricy then buying a used car. Although, a 2013 Honda Accord runs $28,830 with taxes included, and a new used Honda Accord is by far cheaper. Leasing a new car has its advantages over buying used.

Leasing gives us the luxury of not paying for maintenance or repairs as it is taken care of through the leasing company. Now on the other hand, buying a used car means us as purchasers take all responsibility for those repairs. When the lease is up on the vehicle we have the option to lease another car or pay a lowered amount for the car. But when buying a new car we’re stuck with that car until it no longer runs.

However, leasing a new car has several options of which styles we want and what features appeal to our needs. So when making the decision to buy a new car it’s limited on what style choice we can afford and what is also available. Leasing means more value for the car now buying a used car means there’s risk.

Making the choice of leasing a vehicle or buying a used is based on what kind of quality car we want to own in the future. If we are wise car shoppers we should all lease a car, but if we choose to be risky car shoppers we’ll end up owning a used car. I would have to be more inclined to lease a car any day over buying used from this point on.
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