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By franzmero Mar 18, 2013 521 Words
When I read the title of this subject ‘’Information and Communication Technology’’, what comes into my mind is that, this subject was all about discovering the convenience of the computer. And what am I thinking all about this subject is that for me, it was so uncomplicated however, I was mistaken because what I am thinking is not factual. Why? Because when I taken up this subject it was so intricate, and yes, I was true in saying that this subject was all about discovering its usefulness.

However, even though it was quite difficult, but still I gained knowledge of many things about this subject. I learn the boon and bane of using the computer, I learn also on how to calculate grades by using excel, the 6 by 7 rule in using power point presentation and many others. The only thing that I am hoping to learn or to master about this subject is on the field of Excel and the Power Point Presentation. It is because being a future teacher the use of high technology is dreadfully applicable or appropriate especially in teaching. I learn Also on how to send through email and another is on how to perform mailmerge. I learn also on how to make different logo by applying the different functions, like crop and ect.

Talking about the activities that we had made, there is some of it which is quite uneasy for me. It is the using of excel in computing a grade, Why? It is because during the activity I was not able to follow the example or guide in performing it, in the sense that our teacher was so fast in delivering it. That is why I am hoping that next time that would not be happen again. Another activity which I fell so uneasy is performing mailmerge. During the activity I am repeating it for almost five times until such time that I got it correctly. The only reason why I was repeating my activity for how many times is that almost of my files are being corrupted or hide because of viruses that are entered in the computer.

In our class in ICT especially in our section BSED 2.01 we are divided into two batches, Batch one and batch two. The point there is that, we are not able to finish our activity because of the limited units of computer, and we are just given only one and half hour in making it, in the reason that there is another batch that will follow after the time given. That is why I am hoping that in the next semester there will be new and additional computer units in the ICT. I am hoping also that the ICT building will have their own generator for emergencies. Because, as what I had experienced during our activity, when the electric supply is out, our activity will be postponed, and that was a big hindrance for the students. To end my message, I would like to say thank you so much sir for teaching us all about the computer. Godspeed and God bless

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