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Learning to Ride a Bike

By AceTech1 Apr 17, 2014 274 Words
Learning to Ride a Bike
All children at one point in their life want to learn how to ride a bike. Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage from being a toddler and going into childhood. Learning to ride a bike encompasses both “trial and error” and “scientific” styles of learning. When I was about 7 or 8 years old that’s when my dad taught me how to ride my bike. He would hold on to the seat while I peddled and steered and then he would let go and, wow I was riding my bike. Even though it would only be for a couple of feet, it didn’t matter. We kept repeating the same process over and over, until I was able to hop on my bike and ride without any help. Throughout this process, I had many wrecks. This is the “trial and error” part of the process that cannot be avoided no matter how hard you try. The “scientific part of the process was repeating the same task over and over. Now granted it’s not an exact science. Each child learns differently than the next one. With that in mind, the same process that my dad used with me, his dad used with him, and I will use with my son. In conclusion there is no exact science when learning to ride a bike. There are processes that can be followed and a lot of trial and error when first starting out. Because children don’t know the difference between everyday learning and science learning it’s easy to mix both into the way we teach them.

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