Learning Through Extra-Curricular Activities

Topics: Learning, High school, American football Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Learning in classroom not the only way for learning, I believe learning through extra-curricular activities makes me learn much more . When I was studied in primary school, I like playing football very march. Therefore I hope that I could joined the football team in form 1. Unfortunately I was failed in the selection. I did not forgave playing football for this reason. In the football match, teamwork is important. Actually I could not show it in the selection. I think it is the main reason for I failed in the selection .therefore I knew that I wanted to match up with my teammate. In the inter class football match and Houses football match , I try my best to match up with my teammate although we lost ,but I think I was made the progress .Unit to the last From 1 quarter, the football team invited me to join the team when I was in from 2 . I accept the invitation immediately We need the teamwork in any position, for example do the project with your teammate, work in the society. All the experience let me learn that we can not depend on one person when you do something. Playing football is a great example for it. Although a best football player on the world, his team should not always depend on him. Teamwork can match up with him to show his skill better. Therefore teamwork is important. Being in the team let me learn some important values. During competitions, I learn how to be honest, fair to everyone, also how to respect other team. During preparations, I learn the importance of the preparations. It can let you more effective show the planning by the coach. I also learning how to optimistic while lose a match. Knowledge is one of the important gains I get. I participated a lot of different competitions. Some of the competitions require not only skills in sport. When I was in from 3, I have been joined the computer society. This group is not just to do around on the computer. It also include the video taking. Video taking is other knowledge I get....
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