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The Effect of Employee Theft and Pilferage on Retail Business Learning Team A
Matthew Loux
November 29 2012

The Effect of Employee Theft and Pilferage on Retail Business Introduction
With growing retail theft from customers coming in and stealing to workers taking products out the back door unlawfully, the final outcome of stealing can land on the honest consumer with cost increases. Steps must be made to deter the possibility of merchandise theft and instill punishments for those who are caught.

The organization that has been selected for this prevention and response policy is the Wal-mart chain of retail and grocery stores. Wal-mart has been chosen because of their vast numbers and availability to research for all shoppers. To date there are 8500 stores in 15 different countries with tens of thousands of employees. This large number opens the door wide for theft and misappropriation of store funds.

Wal-mart stores carry everything from produce products like fruits and vegetables to mile products and breads. This is not limited to everything in between that a typical shopper would need for their grocery choices. The store also carries a wide variety of household supplies from lawn and garden, kitchen aids, electronics, clothing, and animal products right down to the dog shock collar. Their massive selection of products compiled with a huge warehouse style store masked with limited security operations and guards holds promising grounds for a wood be thief.

As a major retail store worldwide or the only real store of its kind left, theft prevention and pilferage must be reduced in order to keep prices low. A theft policy must be set in place and then followed in the attempts to reduce the current loss in retail sales. “According to internal documents, the company, the nation's largest retailer and leading destination for shoplifting, will no longer prosecute first-time thieves unless they...

References: Sign On SanDiego. (2006) Wal-mart relaxes its policy on theft. Retrieved from
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