Learning Team Reflection Week 2 Team A

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Learning Team Reflection Week 2
Team A: Amanda Delaney, Angela Thompson,
Jamie Sharp, Xaviera Woodside
December 15, 2014
Pamela Jones

Businesses small and large all face the challenge of ensuring they comply with both state and federal employment laws and regulations. Factors such as number of employees with in an organization, as well as where the organization is located effect the laws they must abide by. It is important these laws be well researched to ensure that the organization is not faulted for non-compliance. (Cascio, 2013) In the case of Clapton Commercial Construction, we must keep in mind that this organization is located in Detroit Michigan and planning to expand to Arizona. This means that the organization is already familiar with compliance with Federal Employment Laws, and Michigan specific regulations. As they expand to Arizona, they will need to familiarize themselves with new and different laws and ensure that they comply with them for their locations in Arizona. Clapton Commercial Construction currently has 650 employees and is planning to grow and additional 20% with their expansion, bringing them to nearly 800 employees. Focusing on Regional/State Employment Legislations

The state of Arizona is a ‘right-to-work” state. This means that employees cannot be required to be part of or join a union to retain or obtain employment. This provision to the Arizona constitution also ensures that employees not represented in the union receive all the equivalent contractual benefits of a union member. (Arizona State Senate, 2013) At-Will Employment

Employment, in the state of Arizona, can be terminated by either employer or employee with out proving a reason or notification. The exception to this rule is if the employment agreement or written contract states otherwise. This written contract can be drafted and signed by employer and employee or may be found in the employee handbook. At will employment limits the employees leverage for wrongful termination, narrowing the scope or wrongful acts to the following. Examples of justified cases of wrongful termination under At-will employment include employer breeches contract, termination is an act of retaliation or employer/termination violates public policy. (Arizona State Senate, 2013) Arizona Senate Bill 1070

Arizona is a border state, and employers with in the state must be familiar with immigration laws and how they affect their ability to employ personnel. Senate Bill (SB) 1070 states, “an employer shall not knowingly employ an unauthorized alien.” (Arizona Senate Bill 1070, 2010) This also includes contracting, or subcontracting with illegal or unauthorized aliens as well as working with, or contracting work to other companies that employ unauthorized aliens. Compliance with SB 1070 also mandates that employers complete verification of status, and retain this on file for term of employment, or a maximum of 3 years. Strategy

To ensure compliance with the laws above, it is important that Clapton Commercial Company work closely with their Human Resources advisor. Hiring strategies should be implemented as not only must they comply with the above listed Arizona Employment Laws but also Federal laws and regulations. Equal Employment Opportunity policy states that employees cannot be discriminated against based on race, religion, national origin, age, sex and physical disability. Clapton Commercial Company must ensure that they exclude candidates based on job related qualifications and criteria.

In Arizona, the employment criteria must be based on the employee’s ability to complete the job responsibilities. It is imperative that employees not be selected based on their affiliation with or involvement in a union, as this cannot be a requirement or criteria for eligibility for hire.

Clapton Commercial Company is an organization that may benefit from providing employees with a contract upon...
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