Learning Styles

Topics: Education, White American, Black people Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Student Learning Style Surveys

Tracey Sullivan
Grand Canyon University: SPE 557
September 25, 2012

There are various meanings for learning styles. Some researchers have found that learning styles are the ways that students respond to learning. While other researchers think that learning styles aren’t what learners learn, but how they prefer to learn. According to Wauters, Bruce, Black, & Hocker, learning styles are “a set of behaviors, attitudes, and factors that contributes learning for an individual in a given situation”. There has been an inclination of research on learning styles because currently research has been more focused on the academic achievement and IQ of the student’s rather than their learning styles. Furthermore, learning style surveys have been done to help teachers to become better teachers and students to become better students and to increase the chances for a positive outcome for learning. Also learning style surveys are done and the results are analyzed and this helps to provide the proper instruction needed for each student. Summary

After analyzing the student learning style survey, I found that the survey was conducted by school administrators to middle school students to find out what were the student’s regard to their school climate, behaviors, and attitudes towards other cultures. The respondents for the survey were African American, Whites, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian or Asian American, other, and multiracial. I noticed a small percentage didn’t answer the survey. The survey purpose I feel is to address the opinion of students on their school’s climate, their attitude towards different factors, and the type of behaviors they have had during the school year. The results from the learning style survey helps with the preparation of instruction and also for the students to self assessed themselves for a better learning environment. Furthermore, the results help to improve...

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