Learning Style Inventory

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Learning Style Inventory
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Learning styles determine how effective a student will be receptive to instructions from the teacher or content from educative material. Ideally, scientists have proposed three main types of learning styles common among students: auditory, visual, and tactile. Consequently, a student can either possess only one style of learning or have a combination of any of the three learning styles. For instance, many psychological and human behavior experts presume that students who prefer charts, graphs, and diagrams over textual material are visual learners. This paper is going to present findings on the kinds of learning styles I predominantly possess. These learning styles are determined by scientifically approved tests, which serve as inventories where students can obtain information about learning behaviors. Furthermore, the paper will act as a critique of the findings about my learning styles as predicated by the online inventories.

Enrolment to college affords students the opportunity to obtain knowledge and skills relevant in the careers they aspire to have. In addition, college education also improves the skills of those individuals already in the work force by broadening their theoretical knowledge – which can be exploited to generate new ideas. In this case, I am no exception. I joined college to obtain a degree certificate. By obtaining this degree certificate, I am confident that my chances to land the job or profession I desire are high than if I do not have it. The high chances are because the degree certificate ascertains that I met all the requirements and threshold needed to qualify one for a particular field or profession. Therefore, the knowledge of how best I learn is invaluable in the pursuit of my career. This is because the knowledge reveals my strengths and weaknesses in matters that concern learning. Therefore, I am able to know where I need to adjust,...

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