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Topics: Spanish language, Second language, Learning Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: September 14, 2013
For a few years now, it has been a personal goal of mines to become bi-lingual in a foreign language. Learning Spanish is the language that I always wanted to learn. In the past when I took lessons in High School, after passing Spanish 101 class, I had no intentions of registering to take Spanish 102. Continuing to take lessons was not on the top of my list as a teenager. I did not put any value in learning a second language. But as I became of age and traveled to Spain while enlisted in the military, learning to speak another language just became intriguing to me. I want to become a fluent Spanish speaking American with hopes to be able to communicate with others. Currentlly, having this high desire to learn Spanish has made its way to my bucket list. After moving to Lincoln, and having the time to get envoloved with some off duty education outside of work, I figure now is the best time to get enrolled in a Spanish course. Hopefully, learning the language on my own and in class will make my future travels more enjoyable.

The starting point of this journey of learning Spanish has been an smooth yet slightly challenging. I say smooth mainly because I seem to be able to comprehend the material that I have been working on thus far i.e. greetings, colors and numbers. My expectation from taking this class is to be able to gain new knowledge on learning Spanish culture and learning to communicate in Spanish. I expect that the skills I learn in this class will also be helpful for me in my personal and professional life. By learning how to speak Spanish, that knowledge would benefit me at work by making some of my case files from Latino applicants much easier to review. In my personal life, learning Spanish will enable me to communicate better without any anxiety when I travel to a Spanish speaking country . I also expect to leave this class with confidence in my ability to speak Spanish casually. I am most excited about the ability to do so, I just...
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