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Topics: Symmetry, Group, Rotational symmetry Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: September 26, 2014
LEARNING LOG 1: Observe, Connect and Reflect on Your Learning To gaze is to think. Salvador Dali

PART I – Concepts in Symmetry


Focus Image


Your Observations
(20 - 30 words) (2 marks)

Describe the symmetry of
the Viking shield.

The Viking shield has 2 unique mirror lines. This design helps to provide the soldiers with a neat and organized look, showing the rest that they are united.

Complete at the end of

Week 1

Image 1
(20 - 30 words) (2 marks)

What was the most
surprising or interesting
fact you learnt from
Week 1 lectures

It is surprising to see so many objects in our daily life to have different types of symmetry. With the same object, there is different types of symmetry when view from different angles, that is something which I have not realized before.

(20 - 30 words) (2 marks)

Describe the symmetrical
elements you see in this
Japanese embroidery.

3 fold rotation.
No mirror lines
This gives a little sophistication to the Japanese embroidery design.

Complete at the end of

Week 2
Image 2
(up to 20 words) (2 marks)

Can you add anything to
your Week 1 description
of the Viking shield?

The Viking shield has 4 fold rotation symmetry in addition to the 2 mirror reflections.


You can’t criticize geometry. It’s never wrong. Paul Rand

PART II – Plane (2D) and Space (3D) Symmetry


Focus Image


Your Observations
(up to 40 words) (2 marks)

Use the formal
descriptors of plane
symmetry to describe this
bathroom tile

Its plane group is a p4 (No 10) whereby it has an origin at 4. In addition to this, this bathroom tile tessellation has 2 mirror lines, no glide lines and no rotation.

Complete at the end of

Week 3
Image 3
(up to 20 words) (2 marks)

How are you now more
observant of symmetry in
your surroundings? Use

The triangle in Image 4 is
weird. Was Paul Rand
correct – geometry is
never wrong?...
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