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Topics: Critical thinking, Decision making, Logic Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Week 8 Learning Log 1. What was the tutorial topic and the concepts that were covered? This tutorial mainly covers the topic of logic argument and reasoning. In order to establish a proper structure to make argument inconsistently and present explanation reasonably, pyramid structure can be a good choice which contributes to logical order. For example, when people would like to make a decision, a few ideas should be given to support the final decision, consequently people will get well convinced and not be regretful in the future.

2. What was the activity/ies undertaken during the tutorial? There is one activity held in class, which is debating. I was chosen as the third position in a debating team to conclude our opinions and argue against the opposite’s views. The debating topic was whether the international students should pay the same as the local students. Each team member consists of 3 persons and respectively makes 3 to 5 minutes’ speech in the front of audience. The first is positioned as presenting the team’s ideas, subsequently the second is to defend against the opposite’s ideas with examples and reasons, and finally the third one is to make conclusion of the debate.

3. What did I learn from the activity/ies?
In the activity of debating, our team was in negative position; however there was a mistake we made regarding the understanding of the negative position’s view. It is falsely supposed that we debate for international students should pay higher than the local students. The thing I have learnt from this is that it is crucial to correctly understand the essence of things prior to start. For example, when the manager assigns a certain task to us, we need clearly know of the task otherwise the mistake will be made. Additionally, pyramid structure is an effective way to get things clear and straightforward.

4. What is my learning gap in...
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