Learning Log 1 Jan 2015

Topics: Symmetry, Group, Symmetry group Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Learning Log 1: Observe, Connect and Reflect on Your Learning

PART I – Concepts in SymmetryTo gaze is to think. Salvador Dali Study Period
Focus Image
Your Observations
Week 1

Image 1

Describe the symmetry of this logo.
(no more than 50 words) (2 marks)
This logo has no symmetry observed as there are no mirror lines. It is asymmetrical

What was the most surprising or interesting fact you learnt from Week 1 lectures

(no more than 20 words) (2 marks)
There are different types of symmetry other than reflection symmetry. I didn’t know the existence of other types of symmetry such as point symmetry until week 1 lecture.

Week 2

Image 2

Describe the symmetrical elements you see in this Japanese embroidery. (no more than 50 words) (2 marks)
It has one asymmetric unit. The Japanese embroidery can be divided into 4 quarters as shown by the lines I’ve indicated on the image. The lines can also be considered as mirror lines for the embroidery. Point symmetry can be observed in the embroidery as well. The point symmetry is 4mm as there is a tetrad rotation which can be represented by a square and the rotation angle is 90°. There are a total of 4 mirror lines, in which 2 of them are unique.

Can you add anything to your Week 1 description of the logo?

(no more than 20 words) (2 marks)
The logo in fact, has symmetry. It has 6 point rotational symmetry, a hexad rotation. No matter how you rotate the logo, it is still the same therefore it has rotational symmetry. PART II – Plane (2D) and Space (3D) SymmetryYou can’t criticize geometry. It’s never wrong. Paul Rand Study Period

Focus Image
Your Observations
Week 3

Image 3

Use the formal descriptors of plane symmetry to describe this bathroom tile tessellation. (no more than 50 words) (2 marks)
it belongs to plane group symmetry p2mm. It has a 4-fold rotation with rotation angle being 90°. It has 2 mirror lines....
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