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Being the only child in the family, I was so used to be being pampered and getting help from everyone to do everything in my life. I have to admit that I was a spoiled brat back then, since I never really keep a distance between me and my parents. Studying in Australia is really a huge step for me as it is the first time I am living alone without any of my family members. If there is one thing that living here has taught me, it is practising self-dependence in my daily life.

Education-wise, I once considered myself as a very laid-back person. This is because in my home country, we were given everything that we need to know, meaning that the notes prepared by the lecturer are very detailed and straight to the point, hence we did not need to spend time to research about a particular subject since everything is given. In other words, we were spoonfeed by our teacher. The situation is much different here, where the hand outs are very basic, hence in order to know more about a topic, the students need to put on effort to search it on the Internet. At first, I found this very stressful as I am not good with computers, and back then I usually asked my father who is a very good researcher to find any information for me. When I came here, I actually learn to do it by myself, and I am quite amazed by the effort that I put in. For example, we had to do a computing studies assignment about Microsoft Office, and it took me only 1 day to complete it as I did all the research by myself. If I am still dependent on my father to do it for me, I know it will take a longer time since I might have not gained full understanding about the topic, and I have to wait for my dad to complete his work first. Hence, independence in studying really helps me to become a more efficient student.

In terms of daily life, I do believe that studying abroad and living alone has taught me to become an independent young woman. As I said before, I always get help from my parents in almost all...
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