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Introduction to Psychology Worksheet

Complete each part with 100- to 200-word responses. Your responses must total 500 to 800-words for the entire worksheet.

Part I: Origins of Psychology

Within psychology, several perspectives are used to describe, predict, and explain human behavior. Describe three major psychological perspectives and name at least one leading theorist for each. 1. Psychodynamic perspective: Focuses on how one’s sense of self-esteem can be developed by the unconscious mind and how that is influences one’s conscious behavior. One leading theorist for this perspective was Sigmund Freud.

2. Behavioral Perspective: Focuses on how behavioral responses that are rewarded by reassurance and pleasurable consequences can and will be strengthened. If we get a reward every time we do this specific action, that response will be enforced to our first nature reaction.John Watson was one firm believer and researcher in this perspective.

3. Humanistic Perspective: With the nick name the ‘’’’third force’’ States that each person can become the person they want to be. We decide on each and every decision an the reaction to that decision is our doing. Carl Rogers was a big believer in this perspective.

Part II: Research Methods

Provide a brief overview of some research methods used by psychologists. Include strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Natural Observation is one method researcher’s use. The strength is they are able to get a realistic overview of how behavior actually occurs. The weakness is that participants deal with observer effect and observer bias. Observer bias is when the participant acts differently due to the fact they are being watched by someone or something else. Observer bias is the result of the participant seeing what he or she expects to see.

Laboratory Observation is another method used. The weakness with this method is laboratory observation can be used to...
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