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Topics: Customer, Customer service, Employment Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: November 4, 2013

When I applied for my first job at Leslie’s Pool Supplies, I thought it was going to be just a summer job. Instead, it turns out, after a year and a half I am stilled employed. My goal was to make some extra cash for the summer, but instead I have made a good amount of money and I have also acquired many life long skills. I have learned so much about the variety of people that come to shop at a pool store. Most people are nice because they rely on me to get their pool back into balance. They normally are polite and want to hear what I have to say about their pool chemistry. Occasionally there is a person that will come in mad because they have a green pool or they are having equipment problems. They sometimes come in and say “My pool is still green after you said it would be clear.” I have learned not to be offended when they make such comments because 95% of the time it is their own fault. Since working at the store, I have come to notice that the rude and demanding customers are the ones that keep having problems. During the summer Leslies is very busy. Even with five employees working at a time, there are still lines that form with people waiting to be helped. When I first started I used to rush to help people which often lead me to make a mistake. I use to get stressed out because all the customers would just stand there telling me to hurry up. Now I have learned to ignore them until it is their turn to be helped. This has helped me stay calm and less likely to make a mistake. Since I have worked at Leslie’s I have learned that customer service is a key part of the job. There are two other pool stores located only 3 miles away from Leslies so the competition is fierce to bring in customer. While working I have to be kind and respectful and always willing to help or they have the choice of going to a near by competitor. At Leslie’s we do in store repairs on pool cleaners and pool pumps, which requires the employee to check in the item. When I check the...
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