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Topics: Learning, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 8 (2928 words) Published: February 23, 2011
PP0127: Facilitating Learning and Assessment In Practice

In my portfolio I will identify the current learning needs, agreement of learning and assessment of contract as well as how mentor could help in facilitating and assessment learning in my unit. It included about adult learning, strategies and suggest how the practitioner can practice of learning.

I am a qualified SRN (State Registered Nurse). I am currently working in a private hospital in KL (Kuala Lumpur) since 2-year 5 months (appendix 1). I work in a general medical ward but we do nurse other types of cases such as surgery, cardiac or even pediatrics. This usually happens when there is an overflow of patients and not enough beds available in the respective departments.

Before working in this hospital, I have a 3-years working experience in Haemodialysis Unit as an assistant nurse (Appendix 2). The working environment of working is totally different; first being a staff nurse comparing to an assistant nurse and second, the medical ward to a dialysis unit. Recently one of my senior staff resigns, her place had been take by SRN Lim (not her real name) (Appendix 3). Previously she had been working in Coronory Cardiac Unit (CCU) for 10 months and she also undergone a shot of Diet and Diabetic counseling, as she is very interesting on this topic since she as a student. She realize, on this specialist she can learn how to control our diet program. Since my manager Ms Ros (not her real name) had received her as our new colleague, I had been requested by Ms Ros to mentoring SRN Lim for more familiar and educate with the common procedure in my unit. Identifying learning needs, planning and managing the student experience. Since she new, in my unit I need to teach her a lot of things fist to become familiar to her for example to know documents – documents , how to received new admission , transfer in or out patient from CCU / Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) / or other ward , how to give good quality to patients and how to teach patient,, about diet and diabetic education. Recently in my unit we received a lot cases such as surgical, cardiac or even pediatric. This usually happens, when there is an overflow of patients and not enough beds available in the respective department.
Last two month we received such cases of diabetic in old patient cases not forgotten young patients also. I planned to teach her about how to give diet and diabetic management to patients as got diabetic and obesity. Even thought, she has been working in CCU before this for 10 months, it’s totally different. Before that I need permission from my unit manager Ms Ros. I has been signed form, as I fully responsibility on guiding her about my leaner (Appendix 4). According to Roger and Freiberg (1994) “the mentors the student for their current level of knowledge and competence, which may be extensive or minimal”. In this discussion, I acknowledge, Ms Ros about the leaner program so, that she will arrange the duty roster accordingly. If working with the leaner in the same shift can give advantage in the information. She also can learn a lot and as a leaner, I will plan what shot I need to teach her. In identifying her learning needs her learning styles, learning strengths and weaknesses, motivation and self confidence. According to William learner that we given control over their instructor, might be move likely to thing what their doing.

On the first day SRN Lim become one of medical staff ready. I need to introduction to other colleague in my unit, location of all related form, medication such as Floor Stock Medication (FSM) and Dangerous Drug Art (DDA) and not forget about the unit environment. According to Panno (1992) “Ideally the formal learning program should cover a variety of subject and use various teaching method. It should be planned following an...
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