Learning Effectiveness Evaluation Using Donald Kirkpatrick's Model

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Executive Summary
Healthy Lifestyle Hospital (HLH) is a healthcare provider under the National Healthcare Group. Since its beginnings in the early1980s it has grown rapidly to establish itself as acute-care hospital. HLH houses over 3000 professional staffs and is a comprehensive hospital with more than 800 beds, 22 clinics, 3 dental and 6 paramedical departments on top of the many specialist outpatient clinics and specialized service centres. The organization prides itself on its focus on patients as well as its people and this can be seen in its vision, mission and core values. To accomplish this, it is committed to the mission of providing personalized, specialized, accessible and cost-effective care of the highest quality within an environment of intensive research and excellent medical education.

This paper will examine the HRD function and it’s role in the organization. Specifically, this paper will examine the Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) model adopted by the organization, how the Total Company Learning Plan (TCLP) is implemented and how training is evaluated. Finally, this paper will propose recommendations for improvements.

The role of the HRD department is essentially to Identify, Develop, Deliver and Evaluate training and development needs and ensuring that these needs remain aligned to the business of the organization. Figure 1 shows the structure of the HRD department.

Figure 1

The head of the dept reports to the HR director. There are altogether 3 trainers in the department, 2 under the Human Capital Section providing general leadership program and 1under the customer service section providing trainings for Customer Service programs. The administration section is responsible for training administration, including paperworks for various internal and government grants/subsidies and training coordination. The facility management section ensures that the training facilities and logistics are maintained at tip-top condition and made available whenever required.


Figure 2

It is the HRD department’s responsibility to determine the supply and demand of training programme for every financial year. This is conducted in the form of a LNA. HLH’s LNA framework (figure 2) comprises of: Organizational analysis, Task analysis and Person analysis. The annual LNA exercise is driven by the HRD department and coincides with the budgeting period, thereby facilitating the allocation of resources for training programmes.

Other than looking immediate training requirements, the LNA exercise also plans for long term learning needs such as analyzing the trends in medical technology and providing competency based training to the targeted professional for it.

LEARNING NEEDS ANALYSIS PROCESS - ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS (OA) A strategic planning session is held annually to set the organizational strategic direction for the coming financial year. Consisting of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief of Medical Board (CMB), Directors and Deputy Directors, they help to review the strategic factors for the organization, based on the organization’s mission and vision. The session will determine the appropriate training strategies, allocation of organizational resources and provide top management support for the training plans.

In this process, the organization examines the following:
1)Allocation of organization resources to be devoted to the training progammes - guidelines from the government or changes to the funding policy that may have an effect on the type of training and resources available for training 2)Alignment with the strategic needs of the organization – The organization’s mission is to provide personalized and specialized healthcare. For example, in anticipating Singapore’s greying population, the organization will need to allocate more resources for geriatric care. 3)Engaging...
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