Learning disabilities

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Describe the difficulties that people with an autistic spectrum condition have with communication, social interaction and relationships, imagination and inflexibility of thought in relation to activities? Autistic individuals may not be able to communicate using speech and language to verbally communication with staff to explain that they would like to participate in activities. They also struggle to express their feelings and understand body language and facial expressions. They find it hard to understanding the norms of behaviour, i.e. proximity and turn taking and this may be a difficulty in participating in activities in groups or being polite, therefore individuals find it hard to make friends or have relationships with others even though they may want to. Individuals with autism have a great deal of trouble understanding the need for problem solving and the idea of rules of society. People with autism find it hard to understand how others may be feeling and can put themselves in immediate danger as they do not understand that running into a busy road will put them in immediate danger. Individuals may not tolerate changes in routine or differences in the environment or even something as simple as a change in a planned activity, this inflexibility can lead to anxiety and frustrations which if not dealt with can lead to an outburst of behaviours, Describe why autism can be considered a spectrum?

Autism is considered a lifelong disorder which affects how individuals can communicate and interact with others. Autism is called a spectrum disorder because individuals can share certain symptoms but in different ways for example two people with autism can act very differently from each other. Explain why it is important that each resident you support is treated as an individual with their own strengths, needs, preferences and interests? It is important an individual that I support feels included in every aspect of their care so that they can have the chance...

References: www.autism.org.uk
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