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Topics: Management, Thought Pages: 7 (2000 words) Published: March 16, 2013
BU130 Working and Learning: Learning Contract template

We have provided this template to help you to build up and structure your learning contract. You will find an introduction to the learning contract in Activity 1.6 of the Study Guide and you will find detailed guidance in the Learning Contract Guidance. This will have been sent to you as a printed booklet and is also available on the Study Resources section of the Module web-site.

For each of the five sections of this template there is a corresponding section in the Learning Contract Guidance (from page 10 onwards). You should work through and make notes on each section of the Learning Contract Guidance, to help you to develop your ideas, before you start to complete the relevant section of this template. We suggest you keep your initial notes and reflections on the activities in these sections of the Learning Contract Guidance in your Learning Journal; these will help you to develop your thinking about your learning contract and to decide what you want to write in each section.

You can, of course, change the text you have written in this template document as often as you like. This is an important point because you are likely to find that your thinking changes as you work through the activities in the Learning Contract Guidance and that you will want to revise the content several times. For this reason, we suggest you to start drafting your learning contract well before week 10 when you will submit it as eTMA02.

You may of course prefer not to use this template or to use it as a starting point and then to amend it – and this is fine. You are not confined to using exactly the structure we have suggested here, as long as you clearly cover each of the five elements. If you do use this template, you will find indicative word limits in each section which will help to give you a sense of how much you need to write – but you are free to alter these as long as you remain within the overall limit set out for eTma02 (1,600 words) .

You will, of course, need to delete the instructions which are given in italics in each section before you submit it. This will leave you with the headings (in bold) and your own content.


Section 1: Possible Learning Topics

Suggested word count: approximately 200 words

Time Management – At the moment I manage my time in a somewhat haphazard way. While there is some planning involved I think that I could hone these skills further to be able to make the most of my time in the office and free myself up to spend more time with the team and monitoring our work within the exhibition. Working relations and communication – Looking into working with the wider venues teams including the organisers and facilities management. This will go a long way to securing our contract with the venue which is up for renewal in the next year. Influence and Persuasion – There are 4 team within the main team and at the moment they are very divided. I would like to look at ways to bring these teams together and encourage to work with each other rather than against one another. This would make the whole team function more smoothly and efficiently

Section 2: You and Your Learning Context:

Suggested word count: approximately 200 words

I recently went through the Samaritans training programme which taught me a lot about how I learn. I realised that I learn best when given examples of what to do and how to do it rather than trying to come up with my own ideas straight away. I also find it very useful to have time to think through what I have learnt outside of specific studying time. The Samaritans sessions were a month apart which meant that I had time to go away and think about how I would apply what I had learnt to my own calls. This thinking often took place and I was travelling too or from work or in other periods of “down time”. All of the learning topics I have chosen relate to my role and more specifically how I...
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