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Learning Blog 5

How do you feel about learning strategies now?
The learning strategies I planned for this subject worked good for me throughout the semester. The chief responsibility was to be aware of the assignments due date which I missed a few time for the reason of being sick. All the assignments needed methodical research and the parts required to be prepared taking into consideration the in-text referencing. How are you finding “Self directed learning” generally and in relation to the learning contract? I find self-directed learning to be a very challenging especially with just 3 classes for the semester. It becomes a great responsibility to get perfect after each assessment feedback is provided. After each feedback I improved my mistakes and tried my best to write a perfect blog for the next submission. In relation to the learning contract I had to research for a while to get an exact idea on how to write a contract and how to handle each argument. What is challenging and why?

I think the first most challenging task was to manage the due dates for the assessments. Secondly, it was hard to skim through several readings and analyze one to select the best one for the blog. Thirdly, was to arrange the group meetings for the media watch as there were no classes and everyone was busy with their different subjects. What will you need to do to over come this difficulty?

The strategy I applied was to write a few lines everyday for the blog so it does not end up being a last moment effort. I also copy pasted the website links and materials on a separate word document so that I can use it later on to put references and in-text references in the final submission. For the proposal at this stage I have created an 8000 word document which comprises of all the articles with links and books scanned which would allow me to write my proposal smoothly and in one sitting.

Holland, B. 2012, Interrogating Technology: Sustainability, Environment and Social...

References: Holland, B. 2012, Interrogating Technology: Sustainability, Environment and Social Change: Learning, Assessment & Reading Guide (Autumn 2012), University of Technology, Sydney.
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