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Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Nigel Groser

EPF14 1.3 Autobiography


EPF 134 1.3

Nigel Groser Autobiography Due date: 11/10/2012 Tutor: Ruta Pace

Nigel Groser

EPF14 1.3 Autobiography


Reflecting on my learning experiences has, other than test my long term memory, been an eye opening experience on who was a positive influence on gaining knowledge and who wasn’t. My first surprise was the amount of knowledge taught to me by my grandmother, who for many reasons was my main adult influence from 3-10. She instilled in me that knowledge gave me choices in life, she also had to be organised and disciplined with her time as she cared for my two sisters and was partially sighted. She always ensured she had enough time to support and encourage me; she even bought me my first encyclopaedia, although second hand, it was one of my most treasured possessions. One of the greatest lessons she was able to give me was the understanding of different cultures (especially cooking) and beliefs as she was Anglo- Indian and English was her second language and her friends on the estate came from every corner of the globe. In secondary school I was privileged to be taught by one of the most patient, professional and knowledgeable history teachers, Mrs Golding. I never recall her ever raising her voice or embarrassing anyone in front of fellow students. Mrs Golding arranged a guest speaker from the Roman exhibition in Chelmsford, he brought replica shields, armour etc, he started explaining the formations used against certain types of enemy, e.g. cavalry. Mrs Golding decided to go into the playground and role-play the scenarios which was great fun and helped me remember the lesson. I now see we learned more by doing than by just being talked at, which is something I respect and hopefully will implement myself. Mrs Golding arranged a trip to Dover to look at the radar installations and WWII museum. Other than the historical and academic value, she was, I believe, very...
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