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Reflection - IOM Future of Nursing
Kavitha Joseph
Grand Canyon University
Trends and Issues in Today's Health Care
NRS 440V
June Helbig
April 14, 2013
Reflection - IOM Future of Nursing
Knowledge can give nurses greater power to take action and lack of knowledge can leave nurses powerless to provide safe or effective care ( Innocent, 2011). During this difficult economic time many recruiters prefer to hire experienced nurse with knowledge. To gain knowledge one must have education. Education makes a difference in how we perceive things, provides in depth study of nursing research, leadership, management, and helps understand social, cultural, political and economic issues that affect patients and influence care. According to the IOM report in Recommendation 4: to increase the proportion of nurses with a BSN to 80% by 2020. Increasing the level of education, increases not only knowledge but gives in depth study of other fields in nursing and research. Earning a BSN degree will make one more confident to deliver safe and quality care. Research has shown the importance of baccalaureate education in relation to patient outcomes. Nurses need to educate themselves because they are the ones who provide almost all direct patient care in the hospitals and other areas. IOM report is a wakeup call to nurses who just have their diploma or associate degree to enroll into the BSN program. Having a BSN degree is preferred in much hospital as an entry level standard. Therefore completing BSN gives more opportunities for leadership and management job, helps provide quality care and improve patient safety, and helps the nurses participate in research projects. Another recommendation put forth by the IOM is Recommendation 5: Double the number of nurses with doctorate degree by 2020. Healthcare needs more nurses with doctorates to educate nurses, lead change and advance health care in America. A higher degree of clinical skill and knowledge...
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