Learning and Memory

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Learning and Memory
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Education is the mean that dictates the way people think, feel, and act. An educated person is the person who thinks, acts, and feels according to the expectation of the community. An educated person has the knowledge on the expectations of the community and has the appropriate skills, values, and behaviors. In order for a person to be educated, he or she must undergo the process of learning. Learning is the process in which human beings acquire new or modify existing knowledge, skills, behaviors, and values. Learning involves the synthesis of different, types and pieces of information. A person can gather information needed for the learning process through many ways. To be educated, one can gather information through listening to other educated people, observation, or reading. Among the different ways to acquire knowledge and get educated, reading is the most important. Therefore, in order for a person to be educated, that person must be a reader. The aim of this essay is to argue that in order for a person to be educated, he or she must read.

In order to be educated, a person needs to gather a lot of information from many sources on different issues. An educated person should have the knowledge about most of the issues and factors that affect human life. The fields include environment issues, technology, fashion, and other social factors affecting interaction between people. An educated person needs to have the knowledge on the current matters of the world. Most of the information a person needs to be educated is in written mode. To obtain such information one must read different sources like newspapers, web articles, books, journals and many other written materials. To get the information from this numerous written sources, one must be a reader (Mayer).

There is no education without reading. A person cannot claim to be educated if he or she is not a reader. Reading skill is one...
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