Learning and Growth Perspective

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Running Head Learning and Growth Perspective Learning and Growth Perspective Kendell Moore Dr. JD Eveland BUS499 Case 4 Learning and Growth Perspective Introduction Measures in the Learning and Growth perspective of the Balanced Scorecard are really the enablers of the others perspectives. In essence, they are the foundation upon which the Balanced Scorecard is built. Susan Johnson of Futura identify measures and related initiatives in your customer and internal process perspectives, you can be certain of discovering some gaps between your current organizational climate (e.g. Futura) and the level necessary to achieve the results you desire. The measures she designs in this perspective will help her close that gap and ensure sustainable performance for the future. The Balanced Scorecard is probably the best framework for the Futuras case, it includes financial and non-financial measures and groups them in four perspectives, financial, customer, internal business process and learning and growth. The practice-oriented literature is full of descriptive case studies that report how the Balanced Scoreboard had been implemented in a specific company context. The BSC approach has been introduced by Kaplan and Norton. Their fundamental premise is that the evaluation of a firm should not be restricted to a traditional financial evaluation but should be supplement with measures concerning customer satisfaction, internal processes and learning and growth. For this balanced measurement framework, they proposed a three-layer structure for each of the four perspectives mission, objectives and measures. To leverage the scorecard as a management instrument, it should be enhanced with cause-and-effect relationships between measures. These relationships are articulated by two types of measures outcome measures and performance drivers. A well developed scorecard should contain a good mix of these two metrics. Outcome measures without performance drivers do not communicate how they...
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