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303-1-4 Offer constructive suggestions for own role in supporting planned learning activities.

When working with children especially children who you support in class you will be given the opportunity to input your own ideas into the teachers planning, as you have your own areas of expertise or if you are a one-to-one you will have your own knowledge of the child you work with. When you work with children with special needs they will need more structure in the activities that they do every day and you will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

The child that I work with in school has a range of difficulties from social communication difficulties to a speech and language problem. Everyday is different because he is so interchangeable, one day he will sit and work with me and the next he will not want anything to do with me, sometimes this makes it hard as most of the work we do is structured around work given by various professionals who come into school to support him (speech and language, education psychologist, communication and interaction team and learning support). Because I work with him every day I can see what works with him and what doesn’t and just about daily I have to give feedback to her so that we can both plan the lessons for him for the next day. Here are a few examples of when I have offered constructive suggestions in supporting planned learning activities:-

I was sat with the teacher one morning before the children came into school because that is when we do our planning for the child I support or we modify anything that he has to be supported with in class. I noticed that the teacher had planned an arts and craft lesson that involved the use of tissue paper, the child that I support does not like the touch or feel of tissue paper (I had done an activity with him the other week which had resulted in him refusing to anything...
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