Topics: Europe, European Union, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Nowadays there are various socio-economic, geopolitical processes in the world. One of them is globalization, it is the process of global economic, political, cultural and religious integration and unification. Some people say it is negative process but I strongly believe that it is very important process to mankind. Let’s look at the problem. In my opinion, globalization has some advantages. Firstly, free trade is which a country does not pay a levy taxes on import or export goods or services. A striking example of globalization is founded in 1992, the European Union, which united many European countries into a single economic space. The EU provides reducing costs and prices, free movement of the countries included in it and so on. Secondly, globalization increase new market around the world, so every company tries to find new market and earn more customers. Consequently, companies compete with each other to provide goods and service with high quality. Thirdly, new market needs in qualified and professional labor, so the level of employment increases. On the other hand, globalization has some disadvantages. Companies create new branches in developed countries, which employ immigrants from poor countries. Because of this increasing the level of banditry, viral diseases carried by workers, the development of some countries becomes limited economic benefits are unevenly distributed. Also in the process of globalization is lost identity of the peoples, destroyed their culture, traditions and history. For example, the Roman Empire tried to integrate population, captured its countries, their culture and economies of these countries are "standardized" by the Roman example. Today, we listen to foreign music, eat fast foods like KFC, and celebrate global events as Halloween. To conclude, I can say that globalization is very complex and irreversible process which takes place in the world. The pace development of this process is increasing every year. On the one hand,...
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