Learning 1

Topics: Intelligence, Theory of multiple intelligences, Scientific method Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: November 13, 2011
2. What are some of the examples of ways in which observational learning has benefited you in your life? Are there instances in which observational learning has worked to your disadvantage? Observational learning being, learning by observing the behaviors and actions of others. In my life I have learn a lot of things that have made me who I am by watching family and friends. After watching my father’s great work ethic as a child, I learn that whatever job you have you need to give it your all. As a child with not much money, I watched my father be very tight with his money. By observing this I have noticed I can be very tight with money and not wanting to spend money frivolously. Everything I do and am is from observing my father and important adult figures in my life. There are some things I observed growing up that has not worked to my advantage. I observed many family members drink to excess, so as a teenager and young adult I thought it was no big deal to do so. Early in my young adult life, being a part of the military I got myself some trouble. The trouble was because; I was underage and did something stupid. Pg 195

5. As an eyewitness to a crime, how could you use information in this chapter to improve your memory for specific details? If you were a juror, what would you say to the other jurors about the reliability of eyewitness testimony? As an eyewitness to a crime you try to remember the events in chunks, instead of the event as a whole. You can all us your sense to recall particular events you witnessed or you can also repeat the events over several different times in your head. The repetition of the events has to occur right after the event in order to avoid outside influences to that memory. As a juror I would let other jurors know that the reliability of eyewitness testimony is unreliable, due to the fact that the eyewitness has already been poisoned by the covered of the events in the media. Most eyewitnesses see events very differently, and any...
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