LeapFrog Leappad 2

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Kourtney Lang
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25 February 2014

Leapfrog LeapPad 2
“Discover the number one kids' learning tablet, award-winning LeapPad2. With a kid-tough frame and friendly controls, LeapPad2 is made by experts just for kids. Take photos, record videos, make art and explore the LeapFrog library of 800+ educator-approved apps, games, eBooks, videos and more.” (“LeapPad 2.”) My two year old daughter would play her LeapPad all day, every day if I allowed her to. She’s learned many new things since playing on her pad. Touch the screen with a finger to bring characters and words to life. “Tap, draw and write with the stylus, or turn, twist and shake the tablet for exciting motion-based play! Videos and music add to the fun for endless engagement anywhere!” (#1 Kids Learning Tablet!”) I recommend the LeapPad to anyone who has kids between the ages of two and five. The LeapFrog LeapPad2 is a toy tablet with plenty of features to keep your young ones entertained and learning. The Leapfrog LeapPad two has four gigabytes of memory, a five inch touch screen, so it helps develop motor skills used to write. It’s light enough so your child can carry it around easily. The LeapPad two also comes with a stylus pen that helps develop fine motor skills. It comes in green for boys, and pink for girls. You can also get customized pads with pictures of your child favorite characters on it. The LeapPad two has a library with over forty games that help children practice preschool and school age skills. The pad comes included with five apps: Cartoon Director, Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio, and another app of your choice. Another perk the LeapPad has is that parents can make an account on the Leapfrog Learning Path to see how their child is developing on the LeapPad. It also comes with front and back cameras, a built-in microphone, a music player, and a video recorder. The ages suggested for the LeapPad two are ages three to eight, but my daughter just turned two and she knows exactly how to navigate on it. She plays her LeapPad every day, and she loves the Bubble Guppies game and the Mickey Mouse game.

The main strengths of the LeapPad 2 are its strong, educational, and it’s not overly expensive (it’s well worth the money). The pad has a strong, protective gel case that comes with it at purchase. It is strong enough to handle my two year old daughter’s latest temper tantrums. We’ve had it for four months, and she’s dropped it multiple times, and the screen has yet to break or crack. But the screen however does have some scratches on it because the metallic finish on it isn’t so strong. Some accessories you can buy with the buy include: storage kits, headphones, extra stylus pens, car adapters, cases, skins, and starter kits that come with games already in it. My daughter has learned numerous songs from being on the pad, some of the songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Abc’s, and the Wheels on the Bus. She’s also learned shapes like circle, square, and star. She can now count to ten since using the LeapPad. She learns new stuff each and every day playing on the pad. We only paid about ninety dollars for my daughter’s LeapPad, and it can cost more if you get the extra add-ons with it. A lot of games can be bought in the app store, and games with characters from shows can be bought in stores. The games at the store cost around ten to twenty five dollars. Games in the app store are fairly cheaper than the ones you buy at the store, they cost about five to ten dollars. Some of the games you can buy are Barbie, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, drawing and writing games, and almost any other Disney show you can think of. One thing I really like about the LeapPad and other LeapFrog products is that the parents can connect to a Learning Path to see what their child is learning. You log into a website, and you can see the progress your child is making with the pad. The website sends the parent personal...
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