Lean Production

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Lean Production System- JIT
Prepared by: Harikrishnan Haripal
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Date: Oct-7-2014


1. Lean production------------------------------------------------------------------ 3

2. JIT(just-in-time) ------------------------------------------------------------------ 3

3. History & development of JIT system ---------------------------------------- 4

4. Concept of JIT --------------------------------------------------------------------- 5

5. Characteristics/features of JIT------------------------------------------------- 6

6. Benefits of JIT---------------------------------------------------------------------- 10

7. Types of Waste in JIT ------------------------------------------------------------- 10

8. JIT in Inventory -------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

9. JIT in Purchasing--------------------------------------------------------------------- 13

10. JIT in Toyota Production system- Case study - -------------------------------- 15

11. Bibliography --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18


Lean production has its roots in Toyota Automobiles Co. of Japan, where waste was to be avoided at all costs: 1. The waste in time caused by having to repair faulty products.

2. The waste of investment in keeping high inventories and

3. The waste of having ideal workers.

The elements of lean production are:

1. To consider the organization in terms of supply chain of value streams that extends from suppliers of raw materials, through transformation to the final customer.

2. To organize workers in terms and to have everyone in the organization conscious of his or her work.

3. To produce products of perfect quality and to have continuous quality improvements as a goal.

4. To organize the operation by product or cellular manufacturing, rather than using a functional or process lay-out.

5. To operate the facility in a just-in time mode.

Just-in-time is a key element of lean production,(conceived by Taiichi Ohno, the former president of Toyota Motor Co. of Japan in the 1980’s). The Japanese manufacturing success, with increased productivity, low product cost and often superior quality products can very much be attributed to JIT manufacturing. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through perfect value creation process that has ZERO waste. Lean production has its key element that is -JIT (Just –In-Time) JIT (JUST IN TIME)

JIT is defined as “a philosophy of manufacturing based on planned elimination of all waste and continuous improvements of productivity. It encompasses the successful execution of all manufacturing activities required to produce a final product, from design engineering to delivery and including all stages of conversation from raw materials onward. The primary elements of JIT are to have only the required inventory when needed, to improve quality to zero defects, to reduce lead times by reducing set up times, queue lengths and lot sizes, to incrementally revise the operations themselves and to accomplish these things at minimum cost. In the broad sense, it applies to all forms of manufacturing, job-shop, process as well as repetitive”.

“JIT is an approach that seeks to eliminate all sources of waste in production activities by providing the right part at the right place at the right time.” It is known by different names:
- The Toyota system.
- Zero Inventory.
- Kan–Ban system.

JIT means:
1. Producing the quantity of units that is needed, no more. No less.

2. Producing term on the date and at the time required, not before an not after .

3. That a supplier delivers the exact quality demanded, at the scheduled time and date.

Any deviations from these requirements means that either...
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