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Lean on Me

By boyilimarasigan Sep 16, 2013 951 Words
The Story Lean on me shows how the principal work again after he leaves for 20 years from 1987. From the East Side High in Paterson, New Jersey the school is remarkably in good condition, it is also called appearance of model school. There’s a man named, Joe Clark. He is the Principal, handling the school for years and teaches very well. As we can see He works hard, making all the students disciplined. I adore him! I hope and desiring to have a principal like him especially to our school. I want my school to be handled as well as he handles his school. Why? If you watch the movie you can see a right school where you inspire to study and develop skills with confidence and without confusing. Mr. Joe Clark is a very serious man and he will do his mission and he doesn’t know how to fail.

I believe Mr. Joe Clark was also motivated by desire to deliver a good service. His objective number one is to make those school teachers educate effectively and those students learn successfully. In no way can he allow himself to be in charge of a school students of which are considered to be inferior. In his first speech as a school principle he declares: “This is an institution of learning. If you can’t control it, how can you teach?” and goes on concluding “You’ve tried it your way for years. Your students can’t pass a minimum basic skills test. That means they can hardly read! They’ve given me less than one year, one school year to turn this place around, to get those test scores up so the state will not take us over to perform the task which you have failed to do, to educate our children!”. I also discern some indications of need for appreciation in his behavior, which is quite natural and satisfying, – he does not want his efforts to be taken for granted, and nobody would.

The movie skips twenty years ahead to 1987. You can see the visual of the school, it is completely trashed, graffiti everywhere, broken glass, and garbage everywhere. The students were shown walking through the halls dealing drugs, fighting and you can also see how teacher can’t handle them. They refused to follow school rules and in addition they don’t even show respect to their teachers. This is the very interesting part for me. Mr. Clark Joe came! And he starts to handle the school again after 20years of leaving. I like how he suspend all the students dealing drugs and somehow those who used drugs. In just one word of his, everything is working. How adorable. You can see how he handled them and he is very strictly. He did all of this to discipline the students. There’s a funny chubby black man and I think he is the favorite of Mr. Clark Joe. He uses drugs too and one of the suspended student, he talk to the principal and asking to bring him back to school in a condition that he will change his lifestyle. Somehow he changes in the first, but looking forward… He finally changed. And not only the chubby man! All of the students become more responsible, discipline, studying, and they know how to cooperate.

After a few months, we can see in the movie that everyone is in good condition. The work of the principal, Joe Clark, has seen and everyone is agreed. The Great lessons and the concept have shown. They even passed the test that for years they can’t pass. My motto and the lesson I Learn for this movie is “A GREAT LEADER MUST KNOW HOW THEIR MINNIONS FOLLOW” and “A LEADER MUST FIRST LEAD THEMSELVES”

Why do you think this happen?
In my opinion, everything had happen because of the parents. They don’t even know what’s going on at school and don’t even know what’s their Child’s values. They don’t give attention to their children and they don’t give right values to their children. A Parent must give their Children an attention and somehow they make bond to stronger their relationship and have a good attitude while growing up. Parents must know their values and teach what is right and what is wrong; they must know the school where they study because parents must give their children the best knowledge to have their children a better future.

I also think why that happens is, this is a fault of the teachers. As we can see, teachers let them to what they want. They even let them not to respect them, they let them uses drugs, let them fight, let them smoke, let them brake glasses, let them not to study. You can see that the teachers is also an, let us call junk! They don’t know how to manage their students! I just want to ask to those who are like them, How they become a teacher?! I am not a teacher, but Teacher must provide knowledge and great values to a students. They are the second parent of the student and they must do what a parent must do. And like what Mr. Joe Clark says “If you can’t control it? How can you teach?” To some extent, Strategic Benefit Planning is practiced in Eastside High. The school staff members have a specified objective of making students pass a minimum basic skills test in order to prevent the school from being taken over by the state. However, I am not quite sure whether this case can be considered as an example of employee benefit program. Therefore, I did not observe any specific types of employee benefits in the movie.

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