"Lean On Me"

Topics: Education Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: January 8, 2006
This movie is based on a true story of a principal at Eastside High, a multicultural school located in New Jersey. During the movie there were two assemblies which took place, which show an effective change of the behavior and attitudes of the students and teachers. he environment of the first assembly was a riotous and the teachers weren't visible, where as in the second assembly the students were calm and the teachers were visible. This was a result of the changes done over the past school year in the attitudes and behaviors of the students and teachers to overcome this change from the first assembly, and the second assembly.

During the first assembly, the students were misbehaving, foolish, and they were ignoring teachers. When Joe Clark had walked into the assembly, the scene was chaotic! There were many students crowded around smoking, arguing, fighting and so on. Also, in the first assembly it seemed like the teachers didn't really care about the students, and did not take much control over the students. Most of the teachers weren't seen in the assembly. In the first assembly, there had been a group of about 300 students who Joe Clark had referred to as "educationally hopeless underachievers, and parasites" these students had been expelled. These groups of students were trouble makers threatening Joe Clark, mocking him, and talking back to him. After he had expelled them he made it clear that he wasn't here to play any games, and that he had been in control of students and teachers. During the assembly Clark had demanded respect from his students and the teachers, if respect wasn't given then Clark had simply removed the offender from the school. This had set a tone mood and a shocking expression from the students and teachers. In addition there had been a dramatic change witnessed from the attitudes and behaviors of the students and teachers from both of the assemblies.

While the second assembly was going on it had seemed as if Mr. Joe Clark had been...
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