Lean Manufacturing and Value Stream

Topics: Lean manufacturing, Value added, Value stream mapping Pages: 3 (525 words) Published: April 13, 2014
Being lean is based on three simple but radical concepts
Eliminate waste – anything that does not bring use to the customer Continuous improvements
Respect for people

Lean production was invented by Toyota (Womack and Jones)

Lean provides a way to do more with less…

5 principles of lean
Customer focus
Takt time; the rate of demand from the customers; applies to all support processes Leadership
Translate customer requirements into policies; extended throughout all support processes Value stream
All the activities required to create customer value
Value stream manager (VSM) – responsible for the entire flow of products provided to the customer for the range within his/her value stream Improving culture; self inspection procedures
Poka-yoke – mistake proofing the process
Jidoka – responsive processes alerting variations
Statistical process control (SPC)
Value stream mapping – allows visualization of the whole process; clarifies strengths and weaknesses Define waste
Quantify throughout time
Determine value added ratio
Baseline for future state map
Work cells (pg.9)
Flow and pull
Building a close relationship with suppliers
Mutual trust and shared understanding with employees to achieve co-destiny Single piece flow production pg.13
Setup time reduction
Single-minute exchange of dies (SMED) – reduce internal setup time; the setup time during which the machine or operation must be stopped Pull production system
Responding to the market
Reacting quickly to changes
Lean Equipment Management
Total preventative maintenance (TPM) – the scheduled analysis, repair, and adjustment of machines are used to reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime. Unplanned work stoppages

Empowerment pg.15
System of measurement that provides each employee with the information and authority to take necessary action at the time required to add value for the customer and eliminate waste Perfection
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