leading your work team

Topics: Leadership, Management, Decision making Pages: 4 (2243 words) Published: January 16, 2015
Assignment – Leading your work team
Fiona Lambrecht

Difference between leadership and management

Both managers and leaders have positive and some flawed qualities with any organisation. Leaders establish direction and have vision for the future. They tend to plan ahead by developing new ideas to achieve goals set out. Other qualities they have are that they drive people to exceed their own limitations, give others some responsibility by delegating some duties. Leading using these methods and communicating inspires trust from people, colleagues and employees. When trust is achieved respects is grown from each individual and vice versa, the leaders respect each individual and each person’s merits as everyone can make different contribution but on their own level. Through empowering people with involvement they create motivation and energise people to overcome some obstacles and can defiantly have a positive outcome and see a marked improvement or change with a team and or individual. But on the other hand, leadership can be flawed and sometimes can have a negative impact on a team, especially when leaders become too friendly, they try to please everyone and sometimes within an organisation this cannot be possible. It is then that a break in mutual respect, motivation and trust appears. There should always be a line between staff, leaders and managers.

Management do tend to manage the processes such as timetable, budgets and actions on a day to day basis by controlling and allocating resources to maintain the status quo or ensure things happen according to already established plans. Another difference is that they rely on control and they work on solving problems but are focused people who focus on systems, policy and procedures. Decision-making is also amongst a managers strengths. Managers tend to monitor every result against each plan and if necessary will take corrective action which makes them predictable but on the other consistent and have...
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