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Tearfund is an international charity organisation that operates through its partners and the local churches, tackling poverty and responding to disasters across the world. The International Finance department based at the London Head office in Teddington oversee all the financial activities. Tearfund suffered a major decrease in its financial support both from the government as well as donors due to the current ongoing economic meltdown. However at the same time disasters and poverty across the world continues to increase requiring Tearfund to respond accordingly. To ensure that the organisation achieves its strategic goals, change became inevitable and as a result restructuring the team’s roles, processes, systems as well the organisation structure. Before restructuring the International Finance department had a tall functional structure consisting of four layers of management and supervision, this facilitates a long chain of command as shown below; Finance Director|

Regional Finance Manager - Africa|

Regional Finance Manager - ELAC|

Regional Finance Manager Asia|

Country Finance Coordinator|
Country Finance Coordinator|

Country Finance coordinator|

Management Accountant|
Management Accountant|

Management Accountant|

Treasury Clerk| | Treasury clerk| | Treasury Clerk|
Accounts Assistants|
Accounts Assistant|
Accounts Assistant|
The number of management levels in the tall structure decrease the span of control and the disadvantages seemed to outweigh the advantages as listed in the table below; Advantages | Disadvantages |

There was a narrow span of control, in other words each manager had a small number of employees under their control, which made supervision easy.| The freedom and responsibility of employees (subordinates), was restricted.| The seemed to be a clear management structure| Decision making was a slow process as approval was needed at each level management.| There was clear line of responsibility as the function to each layer was clear and distinct.| Communication had to take place through many layers of management.| There was clear progression and promotion ladder.| There was a high cost of management.|

In contrast to the tall management structure, after restructuring the function adapted the flat structure, with just one layer of management. The chain of command became short and the span of control became wide as captured in the chart below;

The table below shows the advantages and disadvantages of the flat management structure; Advantages | Disadvantages|
Greater communication between the management and staff | Employees have more than one manager they report to as there are number of managers at the same level.| Better team spirit as fewer management layers increased interaction between employees at all levels.| May hinder the growth of the organisation especially if the mangers have wide spans of control.| Less bureaucracy and easier decision making | Lack of layers may reduce opportunities for the high level strategic management.| Fewer management layers reduced management costs.| |

The objective of this report is to discuss the impact on the work Team the implementation of the change by; * Evaluating the examples of management practice
* Assessing the impact on individual employee’s differences on managerial actions * Plan strategies for successfully implementing change
* Apply the legal aspects of staff management
* Analyse control and monitor performance.
Management styles
Authoritarian leaders: provide clear expectations for what, when and how things should be done. There is a clear division between the leader and a follower; they make decisions independently with little or no input from the followers. Research found that decision making was less creative under the authoritarian leadership. Lewin also found...

References: 6. Thomas N (2004) The concise Adair on team building
8. Belbin, M (2010) Management team
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