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Part 1

Critically analyze the approach(es) and implications for leading professional development identified in the article you chose. Draw on materials and ideas from Theme 3 of this module in carrying out this analysis. Analyze the extent to which the approach relates to an organisational context known to you.

The abstract I have selected for review and analysis, with most relevance to my own professional development and therefore is of most interest to me is that of Lyndon &king : can a single, short continuing professional development workshop cause change in the classroom ? This article refocuses attention on the classroom, specifically on the importance of teacher Professional development in enhancing and changing teachers’ knowledge and skills in ways that lead to improvement in student performance.it is based on research carried out for ESEU study into how far is short continuing professional development is effective? The demonstrated success of the ESEU model of short, single workshops in bringing about lasting change in practice is noteworthy, given the emphasis in the literature that CPD can only be effective if it is sustained ; is delivered by a well-trained provider, within a well-structured workshop that provides opportunities for exploration, practice and peer feedback. Providing a factual framework discussed by many educational researchers, Lyndon and king summarize the context, content, and process of effective and high-quality teacher professional development. Years ago, I have participated with many short and long PD workshop at 2 schools in which I was a teacher . And to be objective few workshop gave me opportunities to acquire and practice new skills over relatively extended periods of time, and it provided an ideal environment for interaction with other colleagues .while many other workshop stopped short of producing their intended results; they pointed out problems with traditional teaching but offered little help in changing what happens in the classroom and provided no opportunities for us to practice what we learnt. So the problem was not the lack of professional development activities or whether they are short or long ,to the contrary professional development for teachers has been included in every major initiative designed to improve student performance. The problem is that the quality of those programs has been inconsistent. Nevertheless, many like Joanne- in the group tutor - would agree with Eraut’s typology session 10 that the scope of professional development is wider that simply the measurements of results, outcomes and standards, and therefore suggests CPD which is encompassing of other dimensions should be considered (Joanne,2013). On the other hands Stephanie had to admit that there was in most of the attended CPD a great deal of scope for personal development, team working, developing greater awareness/understanding and developing problem solving skills. However in order for the school to justify the resources it is expending, he sees that there must be at least some organizational benefits too (Stephanie, 2013) I agree with Lyndon &king that Professional development can succeed only in settings, or contexts, that support it .And this support must come from administrators. Drawing on the case studied in this article (short workshop for science department in many schools designed by the earth science education unit) it shows that one of the finding outcomes of professional development initiative is depended ultimately on the factor whether its administrators consider it important. For this reason, buy-in on the part of administrators (whether state directors, superintendents, or principals) is critical to success (McLaughlin & Marsh, 1978). Leaders can approach decisions about professional development with intellectual rigor and discipline or give them a cursory treatment as an afterthought to more pressing matters. Likewise, their decisions may be implemented with attention...

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