leading Marines

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Corporal, Non-commissioned officer Pages: 2 (1132 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Leading Marines
Lance Corporal Steven M. Spencer
CLB-31 / Embark
To: Gunnery Sergeant Sandoval / # / 0491
Originator: Lance Corporal Steven M. Spencer / 1262282666 / 0431 Task: Provide an essay summarizing MCWP 6-11 Leading Marines, also answer the question of, ‘Why did the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps want every Marine to read MCWP 6-11’, with 1000-1500 words. Method: By reading MCWP 6-11 Leading Marines, answer and write an analysis on the objectives given per instruction. End State: All guidelines will be followed to the highest standard and while answering these questions give support on the opinionating statements. Chapter 1: Our Ethos

For anyone to understand the United States Marine Corps personally, they would have to go through the process of transforming into a Marine. The Marine Corps stands out from every other branch of the any military in the world with a tremendous amount of differences. Yes, we have rank, pay and differences in authority, but what makes Marines more proficient in anything they do more than anybody else? Whenever somebody sees the Eagle, Globe and Anchor instantly they think United States Marine Corps or just the "Marines." We hold a standard that is not just known in the United States or is easily taught and absorbed, but known throughout the world. Even though we except having our name tapes on our uniforms receive recognition for reaching impossible goals, we expect to be known as a Marine more than anything. There is no such thing as being selfish in the Marine Corps because Marines are instilled and trained to care for their fellow brothers and sisters who are common, but the traditional way we care for each other is only known in the Marine Corps. A change can and usually only lasts for a short period of time, but a transformation into a Marine is worth a life time. Failure isn't in the vocabulary of the Marine Corps so we are trained to fight first, never to back down and win....
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