Leading High Performance Teams

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Shoesmith Elementary School opened its doors to the predominantly Jewish neighbors of Hyde Park and Kenwood in 1961 and was named after Beulah Shoesmith who was born in Lena, Illinois due to her longevity and dedication for education. After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1902, Beulah Shoesmith taught high school in Dunkee, Illinois, and later at State Normal School in Duluth, Minnesota. She served as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at Hyde Park High School for almost four decades before retiring in 1945. After her retirement, she continued to teach at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago until her death in 1959 (cpsalumni.org). Shoesmith School is a neighborhood school which serves students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The enrollment for Shoesmith is 378 students with a class size of 24 students and with a daily schedule of 8:30-2:45. Shoesmith is a member of the Hyde Park Magnet Cluster Program and proudly partners with the University of Chicago, St. Paul and the Redeemer Church, First Baptist Church, Kenwood Improvement Association, and Chicago Park District. Students also have opportunities to participate in extracurricular programs that are supported by these great programs which are music, technology, computer lab, Jr. Beta Club, Math club, Spanish Club, Science Club, A.V training group and the Library Book Club (hydepark.org). Mission Statement

According to the Chicago Public Schools website, the mission of Shoesmith Elementary is to provide quality instructional programs for all students to insure they become responsible, independent, life-long learners. Furthermore, Shoesmith Elementary believes that every student in their school is capable of learning at a high level. To this end, they challenge each student by setting high expectations, utilizing high caliber research-based instructional materials and implementing differentiated instructional practices that will lead those students to...

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