Leading Change -Transactional vs Transformational Leadership

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Running head: Leading Change Paper

Leading Change Paper: Managing Across the Organization
James Boyles
University of Phoenix

Leading Change Paper: Managing Across the Organization

In the simulation, Managing across America the class explored the effects of power and influence on a company's growth and development. This paper will discuss the opportunities and challenges for the Good Sport Company. The Good Sport Company is based in Coral Springs Florida .The company manufacturers fitness equipment such as treadmills, bikes, steppers and rowing equipment. Jason Poole, ex-basketball super star formed the company over 15 years ago, Jason is currently the chairman of the board for his company. Marvin Wallace has been for the last 4 years, the chief executive officer for Good Sport. The company has been very successful at marketing its exercise equipment to Hospitals. Good Sport needs to grow and expand their operation to other markets in order to realize continued success (Simulation, 2006) Good Sport Organization Organizational structure is the way in which the interrelated groups of an organization are constructed. From a managerial point of view the main concerns are ensuring effective communication and coordination (Daft ,2004) At Good Sport company effective communication and coordination was a very low priority for management.Another reason that contributed to the ineffectivity of the Good Sport company is the nature of its organizational structure.The Good Sport company operated in a functional structure. This type of organization is structured according to functional areas instead of product lines. The functional structure groups specialize in similar skills in separate units. This structure is best used when creating specific, uniform products. A functional structure is well suited to organizations which have a single or dominant core product because each subunit becomes extremely adept at performing its particular portion of the process. The funtional structure can be productive and efficient, but lack flexibility and communications. Communication between functional areas can be difficult because each unit acts independent of the organizations overall vision if any. An organizations culture is the values and practices shared by the members of the group or company. Company culture, therefore, is the shared values and practices of the company's employees. Company culture is important because it can make or break the company. Companies with an adaptive culture that is aligned to their business goals routinely out perform their competitors. Some studies report the difference at 200% or more (Heathfield, 2006) results like this for organization, the culture is important to figure out, then decide what it should be, and move everyone toward the desired culture. The problem at Good Sport was that each subdivision on the 2nd tier had its own culture for example, members of the sales division adopted an informal attitude about most things,In contrast the production department was very formal about most things,and they disliked interferences from other departments. Good Sports functional structure was much like its culture because niether was adaptive to the needs of the organization.The structure at Good Sports lacked the inherent flexibility and communication processes required for a succesfull company.The culture at Good Sport was not adaptive,they were divided because of the lack of one vision and common goals.At Good Sport the structure and current culture did not support the development of the company.Unfortunately, current leadership at Good Sport uses power and politices to get things accomplished,these tactics produce fear and reduces support and cohesiveness among employees.In the benchmarking studies company structures that encouraged communications and adopted "open-door" communications methods were usually very effective at...

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