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Topics: Amazon.com, Coming out, Video on demand Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: July 4, 2010
As Amazon.com’s CEO, Jeff Bezos leads the America’s largest online retailer into the next decade, it’s important that he take a strategic approach for the future. From the development of the Kindle to Amazon’s latest adventure in the Video on Demand industry Bezos demonstrates a balance between innovated thinking with calculated risk. So far he’s been pretty lucky and has come out of these adventures shining like a new penny. How long can luck for Bezos hold out? As stated in our text even “The best plans often go wrong.” (Schermerhorn, pg 180). In my essay, I will address Bezos’s systematic decision to develop and sell the Kindle, describe the competitive risk in Amazon’s environment as it enters the Video on Demand industry, what I believe the greatest error, trap or threat is to Amazon’s future and the latest initiatives coming out of Amazon.com. The development of the Amazon.com’s Kindle highlights several different attributes of Jeff Bezos. First, the Kindle was one of the first readers available and until its release in 2007 the market was virtually untapped. For Amazon this was a strategic move as it puts a name to these types’ devices. As compared to Xerox and the photocopier, or a Jeep to the ragtop SUV, Kindle will the brand name associated with the reading device for years to come driving more business to Amazon and if Bezos’s luck holds steady, this will only improve as the Kindle continues to develop new features in the years to come. Taking into account that Kindle is paperless, environment friendly and saves the average user money over time on the cost of books are added advantages. With the launch of Amazon’s new Video on Demand service Amazon faces tremendous competition. With Netflix in the lead of Video on Demand services at a much lower cost, the risk in my opinion was courageous on the side of Mr. Bezos. Netflix offers Video on Demand at no cost when you subscribe to the $8.99 package and you also receive on physical DVD rental...
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