Leadership Through Sports

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As we hear the word “leadership” , some of us may potray a picture like where Mahatma Gandhi is leading Dandi March but this word has more dimensions attached to it.To be specific here are some live examples let us get back to the INDIA’s first T20 world cup final match against Pakistan where Mr captain Mahendra singh dhoni decided to go for Joginder Sharma instead of regular bowlers.He retained his faith in his team members wheras convinced others to work for common goals and this team emerged as champion. Thus leader ship is defined as “the behavioral process of influencing individuals and groups towards set goals”. This definition is important because it places emphasis on the vision of a leader (i.e. goals, objectives) while also highlighting the necessary interaction between the leader and group members.

Early Leadership Research
The early research into leadership effectiveness was conducted outside of sports settings (usually business, military or education) and tended to use one of two approaches. The trait approach assumed effective leadership was founded on innate personality dispositions rather than a function of learning and explicitly supposed that great leaders were born and not made. In contrast, the behavioral approach posited effective leadership to be a function of a leader’s dominant behaviors. The assumption was that an individual could learn to be an effective leader by adopting behaviors that other successful leaders used (i.e. leaders were made and not born).  Both the trait and behavioral approaches to studying leadership rested upon the premise that a set of universal traits or behaviors could be identified that would reliably discriminate between successful and unsuccessful leaders. Eventually such research began to permeate sports. For example, Penman, Hastad, and Cords tested the degree of correlation between coaching success and authoritarianism. Penman et al. found that more successful coaches, in comparison...
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