Leadership Theory Analysis Summary

Topics: Leadership, Fiedler contingency model, Management Pages: 4 (644 words) Published: August 15, 2015

Leadership Theory Analysis Summary Patricia Clark, Salea Dennis, and Jeffrey Heffron MGT/230 October 13, 2014 Jack Geer

Leadership Theory Analysis Summary Team D’s summary and analysis of the Vroom and Fiedler’s leadership style was concluded with an agreement on how both styles would be effective in an organization based on the environment. Team D felt that the Vroom model of leadership is best suited for small organizations and the Fiedler's model is best suited for large organizations. Smaller organizations do not have different departments and department heads therefore, one decision made by the leader would be suitable. In a large organization the Fiedler's model of leadership will be suitable using the (LPC) least preferred coworker. The team discussed how a manager with little authority would have to follow a set of standard rules or tasks that were predetermined actions in the process of meeting the organization's goals. The Vroom model emphasizes the participative dimension of leadership of how leaders go about making decisions. The model uses the basic approach of assessing the situation before determining the best leadership style. The Vroom model states which decision style is most appropriate for the managers to use in their organization. Several different decision styles may work, but the style recommended is the one that takes the least amount of time. Although the managerial decision may warrant a different and more complicated based analysis of the leadership style, after you work through the model a couple of times it becomes less complex to use. In the Fiedler's...
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