Leadership Task 1

Topics: Leadership, Decision making, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (1715 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Analysis of my own leadership skills is a difficult task, and requires me to address my own leadership attitudes and behavior as well as my strength’s and weakness’s. As I have learned in my readings about the different types of leadership styles I would say that my style of leadership is more of a Participative approach. In my work I run a small department of five and to accomplish tasks I must work side by side with my staff. We all are active participants, but outcomes and production is ultimately my responsibility. I like to think that my team is an accumulative effort and by encouraging each person to come up with ideas and to share their opinions is our recipe for success. I have created a group atmosphere that has been productive and consistent over the last 2 years. More importantly in my absence my team functions just an efficiently as if I were present. Much like how I run my office is how I run my family. We too are a group of five and as the kids have gotten older they too have become an active participant in goal achievements. I see a lot of similar traits of how I run my office to how I run my home. It is a collaborative effort. One of my strength as a leader would be my communication skill. I always try to take the time to listen. I feel that hearing what my employee’s say is crucial in leading them. Our workspace is setup in a circle where we all work together. I could have one of the large offices one floor up, but instead of taking an office away from them I’m right in the trenches with them. I want them to know that I am always available for them. It is not always easy but by eliminating distractions and focusing my attention on my employees needs, demonstrates to them that I am listening. Another strength that I practice is “Leading by Example”. I am the first person in the office every morning, and the last person to leave every night. I want them to know that I am present and available to them whenever they need me. I do...
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