leadership synthesis

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Jonathan Hill
Global Leadership
10 May, 2014
Sythesis Essay
I chose the poem titeled "Tomorrows Leaders". this poem is the perfect description of how the world has many problems and needs one leader to sep up and show corage and strength. It talks about how a leader is prepared not lazy. it says that we need to be ready to step up. everyone should stand up and make decisions for them selves. we all need to focus on the things around us and how we ccan make a change. if everyone stood up and made a difference, small or large the world would change drastically. it asks " One question are, you ready to make thos demads?" its asking are you willing to be the one. Are you willing to fight whats wrong and stand up for whats right. this poem is the perfect description it tells you what the plans are, to fight the foreign and domesic powers. the poems ends with "It will all depend on tomorrows leaders to make a change. So will you make the change who will step up and make that change. Who will make that difference. Two good leadership quotes from books weve read this year would be from the book "Animal Farm". the first quotewould be "Impossible!" cried Napoleon. "We have built the walls far too thick for that. They could not knock it down in a week. Courage, comrades!" here napolean show a lot of leadership. He believes in what he is doing. he believes in his work. he is also showing all the animals that need to not be afraid but to also believe in what he is doing. if he believes in what he is doing they should also. he says "Courage, comrades!". he is telling the animals to not be afraid stand up and be strong because being strong and standing up for what you belive in it will show the other animals that they are strong and will show how powerful they are. the second quote is "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." This is about leadership in a differnet way it doesnt show how someone is being a leader but what leadership...
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